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Supporting Organisations

Primary Sponsors - >$50 000 – Logos on site, link to web address, statement about organisation.

Major Sponsors - >$10 000 – Logos on site, links to web addresses

Supporting Organisations - < $10 000 – Listing on site, link to web address, alphabetical order.

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Primary Sponsors


The International Hydropower Association is a global organisation advancing hydropower's role in meeting the world's water and energy needs by championing continuous improvement and sustainable practices; building consensus through strong partnerships with other stakeholders; and driving initiatives to increase the contribution of renewables and hydropower in particular.

Major Sponsors


The Hydropower Implementing Agreement is a working group of International Energy Agency member countries that have a common interest in advancing hydropower worldwide; its mission is to encourage through awareness, knowledge, and support the sustainable use of water resources for the development and management of hydropower.


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