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Scheme Nomination Form.pdf
Scheme Nomination Form
The International Hydropower Association is developing the Sustainable hydropower website to identify and showcase the good performers in the hydropower industry.

This website provides basic information on the aspects of sustainability relevant to the hydropower industry, identifies management and mitigation approaches for each aspect, and identifies and summarises schemes that have put these approaches into practice. Inclusion of a scheme on the website is dependent on the scheme demonstrating generally good economic, social and environmental performance, and on top of this demonstrating good management of a particular aspect that would provide an example to others in the industry.

This form is a scheme nomination form, to assist in identifying schemes for further investigation for the website.

Contact details:

Scheme Name:
Positive sustainability aspect:
(Select a sustainability aspect from the list on the last page, and provide 1 sentence as to why the scheme has been listed under this aspect. Many schemes may warrant multiple listings under different aspects, but select the one that you feel other schemes could potentially learn from).
(Provide some background on the scheme that helps provide some context - e.g. history, catchment details, development - ideally less than 2 paragraphs).

Scheme Specifications
Dam Name:

Scheme operator:
Size of scheme (MW):

Catchment area:

Effective reservoir capacity:

Construction years:
Reservoir size:

Details on sustainability aspect
(Expand on what this scheme has done or exhibits that may provide an example to other schemes for the selected aspect. If insufficient space add further information on separate pages, but endeavour to keep it brief and to the point, ideally less than 1 page).
Other aspects
(Use this section to highlight other aspects listed on the last page that are notable for this scheme and would provide a more complete picture. If insuffi cient space add further information on separate pages, but endeavour to keep it brief and to the point, ideally less than 1 page).
Further information
(Use this section to direct people to publicly available information on the scheme, e.g. publications, conference papers, website addresses).
External recognition
(Use this section to list any awards, certifi cation, recognition in major scheme reviews, or other forms of recognition of the schemes positive qualities).

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