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Feedback Survey

The International Hydropower Association is developing the Sustainable hydropower website to identify and showcase the good performers in the hydropower industry.

This website provides basic information on the aspects of sustainability relevant to the hydropower industry, identifies management and mitigation approaches for each aspect, and identifies and summarises schemes that have put these approaches into practice. Inclusion of a scheme on the website is dependent on the scheme demonstrating generally good economic, social and environmental performance, and on top of this demonstrating good management of a particular aspect that would provide an example to others in the industry.

This document is a feedback survey to assist with further development of this website.

Contact details:

Overall site
1. What value could this site provide to you, your organisation, or others?
2. How do you find the site layout and design?
Sustainability aspects
3. Do you feel the site covers the important aspects of sustainability for the hydropower industry?
4. Could you provide comment on the issue and management information provided for the 25 sustainability aspects?
Scheme summaries
5. How do you find the layout and level of information provided for the individual scheme summaries?
6. Can you comment on any of the example schemes listed under any of the aspects?
7. Could you propose any schemes that we should consider investigating for any of the aspects? (see scheme nomination form).
Assessment and approval process
8. What are your views on the proposed scheme assessment and approval process?(scheme nomination - independent assessment - summary drafted - Reference Panel approval)
9. For owners/operators, if you wish to nominate one of your schemes, would you be willing to meet the costs of an independent scheme assessment?
Site support
10. Would your organisation be interested in being listed as a supporting organisation on the website?
This would enable a link from this site to yours, and your website would in turn link to this site.
11. If established, would your organisation consider making a financial contribution to a Sustainable Hydropower Foundation to support development and management of this site, convening of the Reference Panel, and to contribute to the costs of independent scheme assessments?
Further comments

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