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About this Site

The Sustainable Hydropower website was launched on the web as in March 2006.  This site is a major initiative to facilitate capacity building for all sectors of society in the sustainable provision of water and energy services through hydropower.  The aim is to populate the site with example schemes from a diverse representation, to provide a comprehensive education tool for the hydropower sector.  A Sustainable Hydropower Foundation is proposed to will provide the financial and governance framework to progress the site.

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Website Development Process

This site was researched, developed and is managed by Hydro Tasmania (, based in Australia, as an initiative for the Environnment and Sustainability Committee of the International Hydropower Association ( Hydro Tasmania identified more than 100 schemes for investigation for inclusion on this site, and provided scheme summaries for 18 schemes.  The site has been considerably augmented by the contribution of the New Energy Foundation , who has enabled the inclusion of 30 of their good practice case studies developed under Annex VIII of the International Energy Agency’s Implementing Agreement for Hydropower Technologies and Programmes.

Key Aspects of Sustainability

In developing the site, guidance on key aspects of sustainability was most primarily sourced from the International Hydropower Association’s Sustainability Guidelines and Sustainability Assessment, the International Energy Agency’s technical reports from the Implementing Agreement for Hydropower Technologies and Programmes, the World Commission on Dams knowledge base, and several other key references in the literature.

Scheme Names

Sources of scheme names listed in this website are:

  • New Energy Foundation’s Best Practices and Success Stories project;
  • International Energy Agency’s technical reports from the Implementing Agreement for Hydropower Technologies and Programmes;
  • World Commission on Dams knowledge base;
  • Dams and Development Project’s database;
  • World Bank documents and reports;
  • WWF’s good case studies;
  • Schemes recognised by certification programs such as Low Impact Hydropower Institute and the Swiss label ‘Naturemade’;
  • Schemes recognised by awards, such as the US ‘Outstanding Stewardship of American Rivers’ awards and the IHA Blue Planet Prize;
  • literature and web searches.

As of March 2006, 48 schemes have been summarised on this site for its initial launching, but they have not yet been through the process for scheme assessment and approval outlined for this website.

Comments are sought on any of the schemes listed in this site, or any information contained on the site. Over time these schemes will be assessed in accordance with the website management process outlined for the Sustainable Hydropower website.

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